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Start changing your life by changing your alarm clock. HabitClock not only wakes you up but also helps you perform morning routines that will improve your daily mood and productivity. Change your life like all the other successful people in the world do - with morning routines. Right now.

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Start Your Own Morning Routine In 3 Quick Steps

1. Choose Your Habits

First step is deciding which habits you want to gain. Morning workouts are great for a healthy living or you can use some morning writing to boost your creativity. Time to choose!

2. Start Your Morning

Right after you turn off your alarm clock, HabitClock starts to work. Keep up with it, go through your list and enjoy the daily dose of motivation you’ve just been filled with.

3. Succeed

You can use our reports to follow your progress and find the best-fitting habits. Some habits give results instantly while others create long-term effects but the right ones will definitely bring success.


How can you enrich your life with HabitClock?

Drink A Glass of Water

Drinking a glass of water in the morning balances your bodily fluids and gets you ready for the day.

Write Something

It’s true that our brains tend to make wilder associations in the morning and that’s exactly what makes you more creative.

Morning Yoga

Get both your body and mind ready for the day at the same time.

Rich Breakfast

A rich breakfast can increase your brain activity up to 20% as well as improving your verbal reasoning and problem solving abilities.

Read A Book

By simply reading 10 pages in the morning you can finish 12 more books in a year.

Morning Swim

Do more with less. Get muscles and flexibility while relaxing with the sound of your own breathe and water.

Walk In The City

Fill your lungs with the morning breeze. It’s a free and smooth exercise to get energized.

Thinking Time

Spirits up! Thinking about the things you are grateful for is a shortcut to a better mood.

Plan Your Day

Just a couple of minutes to plan the day ahead can save you hours.

Show Your Love

Waking up a bit earlier to spend some time with your kids or significant other is never bad idea.


Thousands of people have succeeded with HabitClock. Now, it’s your turn!

I recently started using the HabitClock app as both my alarm clock and a way to stay constant with my morning routine. I am slowly becoming a morning person and enjoying it every step of the way

- Dillon Carter @smwat

A brilliantly simple iPhone app that is designed to turn you into a morning person. before you realize it, your new routine is second nature. Suddenly, you’re smarter, richer, productive-er and much, much more highly effective. And you have abs to prove it.

- Urban Daddy

The app helps you by setting a routine that you know will be the same every day. I have felt more awake & productive all day the past two weeks just thinking about everything I knocked out before 7am.

- Squareandcompasses (Reddit User)

Now, it's your turn! Start using HabitClock, change your morning routine and reach what you aspire to have. Success, health, creativity... They are all waiting for you.


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